A downloadable game for Windows

made in 48 hours for the GMTK Jam


W,A,S,D  for movement

left mouse click for shooting,

space bar to pause the game, this also serves as a teleport ingame, use with ur creation 

step over the essence packs to get hp/ammostep over the essence packs to get hp/ammo

also because of the time limit i could not add a menu, and scoreboard 

lol enjoy bane! 

dual purpose: 

the dual purpose was the health is also your ammo, the pause can be used to create a grace period to collect health.

attacks are generated on random numbers so don't get used to killing enemies in 3 hits, also a bullet could cost 100 essence/hp but only do 1 damage to enemies, and vice versa.  

extra info: 

I didn't have enough time to finish the animations of the sprites, (also made by me) 

the music was created by me in http://www.beepbox.co/#5s0kbl00e03t7m0a7g0fj7i0r1w1111f0000d1111c0000h0000v0000o...

this was also my first game jam. will be posting on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2CUIkeNCX_VdoRPzu2P1Hg in the future.

- Guccitello/grim300/argon_fox_/jovc i have a lot of names lmao.

Install instructions

easy set up, just run it and it will install itself, will start up when done.


Bane.exe 3 MB


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A rather bare-bones game, but the art is pretty nice! The essence pickups that follow you do make the game more forgiving, although there's very little challenge after a while. There's very little point in using the health to block enemies, not to mention very difficult. Still, some neat ideas in here.

Thanks for the rating, i'm more of an artist, and this was the first game I've released, still learning how to code, will probably work on adding more challenges/ enemies.